The Historical Copy of the Register will enable you to view comprehensive information regarding the history of the land or property, including previous ownership.

Older copies of the Register can be obtained from the date of the commencement of the electronic registration in the particular area. Practically the historical copies are usually available from the late 1980's to early 1990's. The historical edition of the register relates to a specific day in the past therefore when you order this search you need to provide the exact date of the register required.

Historical copies cannot be provided electronically therefore please allow 5-7 days for postal delivery.

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Similar to the Historical Title Register, the Historical Copy of the Title Plan is the previous edition of the Title Plan document; this document is also available for property or land from the early 1990's or late 1980's if the property was registered by that time.

The Historical edition of the Title Plan helps you to establish the historical/past layout of the land or property. This search is not available for electronic delivery and results will be sent by post within 7 working days.

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These documents are often kept by Land Registry and referred to in the Title Register. Conveyances and Transfers can contain valuable information about boundary matters, right of way, previous ownership details, sales price. Some of them are not referred to in the register and can only be searched by the exact date of the document. Please note that these deeds are usually not retained by Land Registry if detailed particulars from the deed are set out in the title register.

With this search we obtain copies of all transfers and conveyances referred to in the current edition of the title register.

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