The Law Society introduced the CON29 DW Search report in 2002, with the aim of providing a standard form of drainage enquiry for use in property conveyancing.The report provides up to date information on water supply, the status of sewer connection and billing arrangements. Recently the Government has included the CON29 DW search as a required part of the Home Information Pack (HIP) and has increased the information contained in the report.

CON29 DW answers these important questions:

  • Is the property served by the public sewers?
  • Does foul drainage or surface water run from the property into a public sewer?
  • Is a statutory agreement in place to erect a building or extension on the property either over or close to the public sewer?
  • Is the property close to or affected by a sewer or water main that may require allowing workmen onto the land for inspection, repair or replacement?
  • Is the property connected to mains water?
  • Are there water mains within the boundaries of the property?
  • Which water company is the supplier?
  • What is the basis for charging for both sewerage and mains water (i.e. is the property metered).
  • What company charges for which service?Are water mains self-lay?
  • What is the basis for sewerage and water charges?
  • Are there any changes to the basis for charging due to change of occupancy?
  • Is the property at risk on DG2 Register (low water pressure) or DG5 Register (sewer flooding)?
  • What is the water quality analysis and standard?
  • What is the distance to nearest wastewater treatment works?


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This comprehensive flood report features information from the Environment Agency flooding database and the British Geographical Survey data on geological deposits associated with potential flooding.

The report provides essential information, indicating whether or not a property and its surrounding area could be affected by flooding and if flood defences are in place. It provides a comprehensive summary of flood risk taking into consider groundwater flooding in addition to traditional flood risks from river and coastal sources.

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