What documents can be obtained with the Registered Old Deeds search?

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Please note that this search is applicable to properties in England and Wales only. The results of this search will include copies of all documents that are referred to in the title register and marked with a NOTE such as 'Copy filed' or 'Copy in Certificate'. A sample of a note is shown below.

Registered Old Deeds referred in the Title Register

These documents are most often:

Charges - most common is a mortgage by a bank or other financial institution
Transfers/Conveyances - deeds of transferring the property or part of the property, which detail rights or covenants affecting the property
Deeds of Grant
Agreements - maintenance or any other agreements
Other Deeds such as Indentures, Assignments, Assents, Plans etc.

Is the Registered Old Deeds search suitable for history research?

No. The Land Registry is not a historical archive but a register of of ownership and rights & covenants affecting the property. Land Registry holds a copy of a deed if it contains relevant information regarding rights and covenants and if this information cannot be set out in the title register.

Are all referred deeds stored?

No. If relevant extracts of a deed have been set out in the title register Land Registry does not retain a copy of the original deed therefore it is not available. If there is a registered charge in the charges register a copy of the charge is normally available even if there is no NOTE stating this. Some documents are stored partly (e.g. a Conveyance Plan is stored but the whole deed has not been retained). This is usually NOTEd as 'Copy plan in Certificate' or 'Copy plan filed'. The number of deeds stored to a title varies. Some titles do not have old deeds stored as all relevant information is included in the title register.

When should I order copies of the Registered Old Deeds?

These deeds are not the main title documents, which are the Title Register and Plan. Please order the Title Register and plan if you need copies of the title deeds. In case there are references to old deeds in the title register you should consider obtaining copies of the Registered Old Deeds.

Order copies of Registered Old Deeds (deeds referred to in the title register)

Order copies of the Title Register and Title Plan