What is a Title Register?

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The Title Register is the main official document of the property (together with the title plan) lodged at the Land Registry.

It contains the description of the property, details of its owners, charges and covenants affecting the property. From the register you can ascertain:

  • Title number and the dealing regional Land Registry office
  • Description of the estate comprised in the title
  • Who is the current owner of the property and when was their interest registered
  • Last sales price (if it was sold since 2000)
  • Tenure (Leasehold, Freehold, Caution) and whether the title is Absolute or Possessory
  • Charges, covenants affecting the property
  • Who is the mortgage lender or other charge owner
  • Short particulars of the lease(s) if there is any affecting the property
  • The Title Register may contain references to old deeds that include further details of covenants and charges affecting the property.

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