What is a Title Plan?

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The Title Plan is the second main document of the title held at Land Registry.

Title Plan is a large scale location plan usually drawn to a scale of 1:1250 (for urban areas) based on the Ordnance Survey mapping system and shows the general position of the boundaries of the property, edged in red and the outline of the surrounding properties. It may contain letters or numbers, which mark charges, covenants or other matters referred to in the register. If a title has been removed from the original, it is shown coloured green on the title plan.

Title Plans are drawn on Ordnance Survey maps at the time of the first registration. As not normally updated, old title plans may contain features that have changed (buildings demolished or new ones built). This however does not affect the boundaries of the title.

Title Plans are usually not detailed enough to make exact measurements from them. Boundary lines shown are general not exact lines.

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