How to find the owner of a piece of land?

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If a property has no postal address a search of the Index Map is required to establish whether there is any registered title or pending application affecting the property.
To search the Index Map we prepare a location plan based on the Ordnance Survey map at the largest scale published (generally 1/1250 for urban properties and 1/2500 for rural properties) and clearly indicate on the plan, by suitable colouring or edging, the extent of the property intended to be searched.
We submit the prepared plan together with the form of SIM for the official search of the index map. The official certificate of the search results will reveal all title numbers that affect the property marked on the submitted plan. In certain cases a land identification plan will also be issued with the certificate, which provide visual guidance for the location of titles within a piece of land.
You can request this search for any location in the United Kingdom.

Title Register Map Search for England and Wales
Title Register and Plan search by map for Scotland
Folio and Plan search by map for Northern Ireland